Photo: Gina Baksa / Riley

Things To Do in Cairo

Whether you’re here on vacation, business, or a romantic getaway to the Pyramids, there’s no end of fun things to do in Cairo, Egypt


There’s so much to see and do in Cairo that it can sometimes be a little tricky deciding what to focus on first. Popular choices include everything from enjoying a bespoke tour of the Giza pyramids, including the beautiful Giza Necropolis, one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites and home to some of ancient Egypt’s most impressive tombs.

For an authentic Egyptian experience consider taking a stroll through the lively Mohamed Ali Colonnade, one of Cairo’s most iconic streets lined with cafés and shops, or around Tahrir Square, home to several popular restaurants and nightclubs. Stop along the way to sip on Arabic coffee at an old town café or, better still, pull up a seat at a cafe and enjoy panoramic views of the Nile River.

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