Photo: Sherif M. Alyamany / Shutterstock


Cairo‘s Top Food and Drink Experiences

Your personal guide to the most memorable food and drink experiences in Cairo, Egypt


Cairo’s food and drink experiences include everything from traditional market fare to high-end fine dining restaurants. Some of the best places to eat in Cairo will in fact often come as a surprise to visitors. From traditional Egyptian restaurants to establishments serving Arabic cuisine, as well as Michelin-starred European-themed restaurants, there’s something to satisfy ever palate in the best restaurants in Cairo.

In Cairo, sometimes the humblest of eateries offer extremely tasty dishes. Street food is also extremely popular, and as Egyptians love their food fresh from the grill or oven, don’t hesitate to grab a bite on the go. Popular street foods include falafels and kebabs, as well as shawarma, a popular Middle Eastern dish is made from lamb or chicken cooked on a skewer over an open flame. 

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